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First Aid Kit:

First aid is an immediate assistance provided to injured ones at a time of accidents before the arrival of a local doctor or an ambulance. The purpose of first aid is to stop the impact to a damaged area on a human body and, if possible, reduce the damage caused to the body by this effect. First aid includes the application of such quick and simple measures as restoring respiratory airways, reducing blood loss during hemorrhage and rinsing eyes or skin when exposed to chemical and toxic agents that cause burns.​

  • First Aid kits for civil defense

  • First Aid kits for children schools

  • Office type first aid kits

  • First Aid kits «APOLLO»

  • First Aid kits for «TNK-BP»

  • Professional First Aid kits

  • First Aid kits

  • Industrial first aid kits

  • Individual first aid kits

  • Universal first aid kits

  • Gel products of «APOLLO»

  • bandaging packages

  • Splints and bundles

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