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We specialized on fire security systems

Isolating self-rescuers Spi-20, Spi-50, SIP-1 work when there is very little oxygen for a human in the current atmosphere, and cleaning of air from hazardous substances by filtering substances is strictly forbidden, or the operating time (storage) of the filter elements is expiring. 

Self-rescuer with compressed Oxygenium Fenist-300 is an isolating self-rescuer for respiratory system and human vision protection, oxygen-air is stored in a compressed state, in a specific container.

Self-rescuer shaft ShSS-T-is an insulating device, in which it is possible to conduct work underground. They are used by mining workers in conditions of almost complete absence of air during the combustion of Oxygenium, explosions of gases, fine coal dust, or in the technological accident of a compressor that pumps oxygen into the mine. 

Filtering Self-rescuer Chance-E, Phoenix, GDZK - equipment of collective and independent protection of respiratory system and human eyes, in which inhaled oxygen from the external environment is filtered in a combined box mounted on the mask self-rescuer, and exhaled CO output through the exhalation valve, that installed in the mask of the self-rescuer.

Respiratory protective device self-rescuers SIZOD: CHANCE-E, GDZK, GDZK-U, SPI-20, SPI-50, SIP-1 - is an integral equipment for the protection of respiratory organs and eyesight, in the workplace from toxic products of combustion during evacuation from production, administrative and residential buildings, premises during smoke or fire.
Self-rescuers are divided into two main types: filtering and isolating. 


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