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We specialized on fire security systems

Medical Equipment:

Medical equipment – breathing apparatus and manual respiratory ventilation sets; mechanical aspirator; portable monitor and pulse oximeter; thermal container, splint and foldable collapsible reusable and disposable stretchers, stretcher less frames, emergency and first aid kits for various applications for the traffic police patrol vehicles, for village settlements, for passenger trains;for special applications and etc.).​

  • Respiratory and anesthetic equipment

  • Patient monitors

  • Laryngoscopes

  • Medical sets and kits

  • Unloading waistcoats

  • Stretcher, splint

  • Thermal containers

  • Medical bags

  • Other equipment

Укладки и наборы медицинские
Сумки медицинские
Жилеты разгрузочные
Носилки, шины
Мониторы пациента

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