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We specialized on fire security systems

Fire equipment:

What is fire fighting equipment? – These are various of means, devices or tools that are actively used in localizing, preventing or extinguishing fires. This equipment should effectively help to prevent or actively help to extinguish a fire that has arisen.

Fire-fighting equipment is installed strictly in accordance with the recommendations and rules for placing fire safety equipment in residential, educational, administrative, medical, commercial and industrial premises. At the same time, after placing the fire equipment, it is necessary to instruct the tenants, or the working personnel, about their correct use. Since fire equipment has a certain expiration date, it is necessary to check its serviceability and expiration date with a certain periodicity. 

The list of fire equipment includes such means as: powder, coal acid and air-foam fire extinguishers, fire hoses, fire drills, fire turrets (monitors), respiratory protective equipment, self-rescuers, smoke exhausts, medical first-aid kits, fire proof doors, fire truck, safety signs, fire shields and much more.

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