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Hydraulic Tools:

Hydraulic emergency and rescue equipment is used in road accidents during extraction of injured ones from a damaged vehicle; during elimination of technogenic accidents aftermath (accident at industrial enterprises, transport and power objects); during fires; during natural disaster aftermath (such as earthquakes); during removal of obstructions, and in other cases that need carrying out rescue operations in confined spaces. It is also possible to use the rescue equipment during construction (or dismantling) works. 

The functionality of the emergency and rescue equipment is very extensive: sheet metal cutting, snacking of metal bars (reinforcement), expansion of small holes (in metal structures, blockages), pressing, compression, lifting, requiring great efforts. A typical set of equipment includes hydraulic scissors, cutters, expander, hydraulic cylinder (jack), as well as auxiliary elements - a pump station (or pump) and a hose extension. 

The tool is operated by a hydraulic pump or pump station, which is connected by high pressure hoses filled with working fluid (oil).

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