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We specialized on fire security systems

Fire monitors (turrets):

Fire monitors (turrets) are designed to form a continuous, or sprayed water jet with a variable angle of the torch. In addition, they are used to form and direct low-devisable jets of air-mechanical foam into the fire. Fire monitors of various modifications are used to protect large area fire objects. Fire monitors are widely used to protect against fire tanks with liquefied gases and flammable liquids. In addition to direct firefighting, the turrets are used for deposition of toxic and toxic clouds of gas and cooling of building and technological structures.

Turrets C-C20, LS-P20, LSD-S20U, PR-LSD - firefighters, universal, robotic, specially created, to create a powerful and sprayed pressure of the fire-extinguishing liquid, with a variable spray angle.

«Center of Fire security KZ» LLP offers fire monitors of various modifications:

1. Hand, portable fire monitor.

2. Hand fixed fire monitor.

2. Remote controlled fire monitor.

3. Fire monitor with electric oscillator or hydraulic oscillator.

4. Robotic fire monitor.

5. Firefighting robot (turret).

Fire monitors of LS-P20, LS-S20 (15,25) At, LS-S40UZE, LSD-S40U have their own unique design of system of dispersion and are simple in use.

Own production facilities of "Center of Fire Security KZ" LLP for the production of controlled turrets allow us to create and develop fire monitors of any complexity according to your technical requirements or from scratch!!!

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