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Recharging and repair of fire extinguishers:

Timely service of fire extinguishers, examination, and recharging of fire extinguishers (repair of fire extinguishers) are necessary services that need to be done regularly. However, owners of fire extinguishers may have a problem: not all organizations have equipment that can be used to perform this service qualitatively. Moreover, to carry out such activities it is necessary to have an appropriate license.

Fire extinguishers are recharged only in specialized centers!

Recharging of powder fire extinguishers and other types of equipment is performed when this becomes necessary. By contacting us, you get confidence in the quality of service and guarantee for all types of services. It should be noted that maintenance of fire extinguishers, in particular, the recharge of carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, is carried out in accordance with relevant requirements, and products after this procedure are compatible with new ones based on their technical specifications.

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