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We specialize in fire safety equipment

About us:

Technical support:

By purchasing equipment in our company, you can be sure of receiving professional assistance at any stage of the project. Qualified engineers are always ready to respond promptly to arising issues and offer a large selection of free technical literature and catalogs. Taking into account and responding to the wishes of customers, technical support specialists can conduct on-site technical consultation, and setting up equipment at the site.

The "Centre of Fire Security KZ” LLP offers modern equipment and effective solutions of safety issues: Planning, design, mounting, commissioning, coordination and maintenance:

  • Security systems; Security alarm, fire, panel protection; Systems - automatic fire extinguishing, voice warning of people about a fire;

  • Selection and sale of equipment for security systems;

  • Provision of advisory services in the field of fire safety, assessment of the security level of the facility;

  • Fire retardant treatment of wooden and metal structures with fire resistant compound.

During the company's work, the company has established relations with the largest manufacturers of firefighting equipment from countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Europe.

We specialize in production of fire security equipment for modern facilities. Experts of our company successfully select equipment and advice our valued customers, among which there are a lot of ordinary citizens who are worried about their safety and the lives of their loved ones.
We offer a wide range of fire safety equipment to prevent and extinguish fires: fire equipment, smoke exhausters DPE-7, fire drills, fire-fighting equipment, fire extinguishers, fire cabinets, fire shields, stands, sleeves, safety signs and fences, visual agitations, log books, As well as many other thing

To our regular customers we offer a system of planned purchases and reservation of products in the warehouse. Moreover, you do not need to come to the warehouse, delivery of the order "Before your Porch", it is an effective way to get your order, to the office or to the facility, the opportunity to reduce the time costs and get the equipment on time.

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