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Design and installation:

Our company offers a full range of services to protect objects and perimeters with security systems of any complexity. We provide you with a professional and experienced team with many years of experience, which in combination with the right selection of equipment, gives an impeccable result of work on your site. At any time, we are ready to advise you and conduct a preliminary inspection of the facility.

Performing works
1. Designing an object; 
2. Calculation of the object; 
3. Selection of equipment according to your needs; 
4. Installation of security systems;
5. Registration of all necessary documents.

Installation of Security Systems:
1. Security alarm around the perimeter;
2. Video surveillance;
3. Lighting of perimeter;
4. Control and access control;
5. Security and fire alarm systems of premises;
6. Collection of processing and information storage;
7. Information transfers;
8. Radio communications.

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