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Measuring equipment - Hand multimeter Agilent U1272

The Agilent U1272A hand-held multimeter is ideally placed in a hand and very convenient to use because of its ergonomic body shape.


Designed for maximum efficiency and productivity in the industry, the U1270A series multimeters have convenient functions such as Z low to eliminate stray voltages, Smart to minimize false readings due to leakage currents and Qik-V to determine the presence of alternate and / or Constant voltage. Testing the integrity of electrical circuits even in noisy or dark places is very easy due to the backlighting of the display and the sound signal. With the help of the low-pass filter, troubleshooting in frequency-controlled drives (motor control) becomes simple and convenient.
Multimeters of the U1270A series are dust and waterproof and certified to the IP 54 standard, which makes it possible to confidently take measurements even in harsh conditions

Features of Digital Multimeter Aglient U1272A:

  • OLED display with a viewing angle of 160 degrees (U1273A) 

  • Intelligent functions Z low (U1272A, U1273A), Smart? (U1272A, U1273A), Qik-V (U1271A), Low pass filter 

  • Visual (backlight) and sound indication for easy operation in a noisy environment 

  • Ergonomically shaped housing 

  • Dust and waterproof as per IP54 certification 

  • Large and easy to use switch and buttons 

  • Two line display with full scale up to 30,000 samples 

  • Inaccuracy of measuring of DC voltage – 0.05%

  • Measurement of the true RMS of the sum of the alternate and Direct Current component AC + DC (U1272A, U1273A) 

  • The ability to register data in manual or automatic mode using a cable for communication with a PC (IR-USB) 

  • Internal memory to safe data 

  • Ability to operate in harsh conditions

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